Affiliate program

Last updated: 31 Dec 2017

What's the affiliate program?

It's an agreement between you and the KaizenJapanese according to which you can earn a commission from the referee's purchase who you bring to the website.

How does it work?

You get your special "referral code" which you can give to your referee and which your referee then should use during purchasing a product.

Note that at the moment we're in the beta version. This means that everything is done manually: you ask us to provide you with your referral code and you then give it to your potential customers or referees. After the referee has made a purchase, you get 50% of that purchase as a commission and your referee gets 10% discount for that product.

How much of a commission does the participant earn?

Referrer: 50%
Referee: 10% of a discount

By what means is the referrer paid?

By PayPal.

How often is the referrer paid?

For any purchase the referee has made using the referrer's code, the referrer may claim his commission after the money back guarantee period has passed.

How often is the referree paid?

Immediately by receiving a 10% discount of a purchase.

Is the participant's dashboard available?

No. The dashboard will be available approximately in January 2018. Since we're in the beta version now it's all based on trust. You should count your referees by your means and we count them by ours too.