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We'll get 日本語 to be stuck in your head

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Do you still study japanese with the traditional methods...

... such as textbooks or even modern audio courses? If you do, it's never too late to switch to something more effective and enjoyable.

While audio is a decent method to study language, not all audio lessons are created equal. So what's wrong with traditional language schools, most audio lessons, podcasts and textbooks?

What's wrong with those?

  • Textbooks teach you to read a language, with your eyes - this doesn't help you become more fluent.
  • They're not intensive enough - you've read it and soon after you forget it.
  • They don't get a language to be stuck in your brain by using a lot of repetition.
  • Grammar itself is complicated and unlogical and doesn't get your closer to fluency.
  • Language schools are expensive.
  • Language in school is taught for a group, not for an individual.

The 1st course "ラッキー"

  • 7 lesson sets: point of view stories, mini-stories, questions and answers
  • Over 4 hours of audio
  • Idioms and slang
  • All is in Japanese. No English
  • The stories are created funny and exaggerated
  • The powerful method of internalizing language - "Story telling"
  • Money back guarantee
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Who's behind this?

Hiro Tashiro - translator; a native japanese speaker and the author of the audio course.

Alex Maslakov - programmer; built the website and responsible for programming stuff and marketing.


Is the author a native japanese speaker?

Yes, Hiro is.

Is there money back guarantee?

Yes, within 2 weeks, if you feel like you've leaned zero Japanese.

How should I use the courses properly?

Basically, listen to the course. Listen, listen and listen. The longer and more often, the better. Recommended minimum: 2 times per day over the course of a week or two.
Also, answer the questions you're asked, whether it be mentally or out-loud. The latter is better.

How many courses do you have?

At the moment one.

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How 改善日本語 stands out

  • Our lessons contain real japanese - with idioms and slang
  • We don't teach grammar or textbook-like bullshit on purpose
  • The audio is completely in japanese
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  • The method we use - "Story telling" - is a powerful way to learn language
  • However, neither we, nor our lessons are perfect :)

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